Klei Atelier

Crafted Curosity

The intention behind the production of the stills, live action and 3D visuals was to enhance Klei Atelier's marketing presence across the brand's social media platforms and website. It aimed to captivate the audience, spark curiosity, and drive engagement, all while promoting brand awareness and encouraging action.

My Role

  • Photographer
  • Director & DP
  • Art Director
  • Producer
  • 3D Concept Development, Lighting, Camera Work & Texturing


The brand highlights the beauty of letting things naturally form and embracing imperfections. In this context, I aimed to complement the imperfections in the vase with the surrounding environment. The objective was to visually showcase imperfections in a compelling and beautiful manner.


This visual highlights the handmade qualities of the vases. As the animation unfolds, it reveals that each vase is uniquely sculpted and varies in size. Overall showing that each vase is naturally formed.

Desired Audience Response

The primary goal was to capture viewers' interest in Klei Atelier's products and processes, with a particular emphasis on fostering active engagement. Encouraging viewers to visit the brand's website and actively participate in its social media platforms. Ultimately, the content was designed to motivate the audience to take action by exploring more about the brand, leading to potential product purchases on the brand's website.


Maintaining Consistency

As the producer and project lead, I ensured a consistent standard for our team's work by creating a base camp containing production guidelines, schedules, and team alignment. This streamlined access to important information throughout each production phase. Additionally, a client hub was implemented for enhanced collaboration, providing our client with project-related documents, timelines, visual deck, and other essential information



  • Camera Op & EditorBjarki Jóhansson
  • 3D Modelling & TexturingMarius Ruzgas
  • Ceramic ArtistHulda Katarína