The Nike Winterized campaign globally showcased the adaptability and resilience of Nike trail running shoes and other running gear suitable for cold weather conditions. Across various terrains, the visuals underscored the product's versatility in diverse environments. As the digital tech for the stills photography in this campaign, my responsibilities included overseeing on-set stills organisation, colour grading, data replication, and troubleshooting technical challenges in challenging shooting environments.

My Role

  • Digital Tech

My collaboration with the photographer, her assistant, and the art director was important to maintain a consistent level of quality throughout the shoot days, ensuring a smooth production process, especially given the fast-paced nature of the visuals.

Effective communication

To uphold this consistency, I ensured the availability of all necessary digital equipment for an efficient workflow, adhering to the shoot plan that incorporated the art direction for the campaign. Effective communication within our team played a pivotal role in achieving the desired visual language, as I closely collaborated with the assistant photographer to maintain technical aspects such as lighting and framing. Additionally, I regularly provided overview drafts of the scenes already captured for review by the photographer and art director.



  • PhotographerSophie Jones
  • Assistant Photographer Maximillian Hayter
  • Art Director Daniel Palau