Spotify Jam

Teaser Film

Spotify Jam is a way of connecting people together, showcasing the power of real-time, personalised music experiences. This teaser film revolves around high-energy scenes that capture the sense of connection, joy, and discovery all while inspiring viewers to make conscious choices for a greener planet.

My Role

  • Director & DP
  • 3D Design
  • Art Director
  • Producer

Desired Audience Response

The primary goal was to capture viewers interest in the Spotify jam feature with energetic scenes and relatable workplace setting, igniting a curiosity to explore Spotify Jam. Overall, perceiving the feature as a tool for fostering connection and focus amidst distractions. Ultimately, the content was designed to motivate the audience to take action, seeking to use Spotify Jam to enhance their own social connections and daily experiences, whether in the office or connecting with loved ones globally.

The Storyline

In a workplace where eco-awareness is lacking, four colleagues come together to improve sustainability. Amidst constant distractions like car emissions, non-recycled waste, and noisy, energy-inefficient lighting, their efforts to implement a climate change campaign are hindered. However, they discover a solution in Spotify Jam, a feature for personalised music experiences. By using music to block out the noise and unite their focus, they find a way to advance their mission for a greener workplace.

All hands on deck

The production for this project was ambitious as I took on multiple roles to seamlessly blend live action and 3D together, overall highlighting Spotify Jam. Embracing new techniques in the process and meticulously planning each phase ensured the desired outcome.



  • Production AssistantMihai Holban
  • TalentOliver Uhmeier, Mahamoud Ahmed, Hilvan Jabar, Daisy Telders, Gottfrid Tiderman, Mihai Holban